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FREE Help is Always Available

Looking for Help? ==> We help listeners discover the information they need, so they can get the assistance they need. Need assistance with paying your rent? Looking for job training or access to free feminine products? There are thousands of organizations that offer FREE services like this and more, but we know nothing about them. I'm here to change that.

Nonprofit Leaders ==> I've talked to industry experts who share how to start a nonprofit, raise funding for your organization, and the ups and downs of managing a board of directors. Managing a nonprofit organization isn't easy. Listening to the stories of others will give you answers and ideas that will help you.

Black-Owned Businesses

I LOVE highlighting Black-Owned Businesses and sharing stories about the products and services they provide. I especially like the stories behind what they do and how it benefits our communities. Listening to our business owners will help you learn how they got started, where they got start-up money, and how they manage through tough times. This also gives business owners an opportunity to share what they do and sell with the world and attract new customers!

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